Wholesale Contacts


Title Name Email Phone
Vice President of Sales Doug Treese doug@jinx.com 858.457.5469 x374
Sales Operations Manager Daniel Escobar daniel@jinx.com 858.457.5469 x 317



JINX strives for excellence and integrity in all our dealings - most specifically with you, our valued partner. By keeping our policies transparent, we keep ourselves accountable, which helps us to attain the highest of ethical standards. To that end, we are reiterating our Business Code of Conduct in order to help maintain those standards, both by our employees and our partners. We recognize that our industry facilitates the dissemination of exciting new items and information that we think our friends and partners would also enjoy. As such, we have no interest in discouraging that flow, as long as what is exchanged remains appropriate. However, a few categories of gift are never acceptable:

  • Cash (or cash equivalents)
  • Illegal items or services
  • Any gift which violates the recipient's code of conduct
  • Any gift which might be construed as an inducement to do business
  • Any gift which as been solicited
  • Any gift which creates (or appears to create) a conflict of interest
Entertainment in the form of meals and events is also normal in the course of doing business, and is acceptable as long as the occurrence is infrequent and the scale economical. JINX appreciates your assistance in maintaining our ethical standards without compromising our commitment to the propagation of all things geeky.