• Register your company: Fill out this new customer application and email it to
  • Wait for activation: JINX will review your application and inform you when your account has been activated.


  • Email for links to our stock reports for US and EU sales. These reports are updated weekly at the same location. 
  • Once you have the stock report, please add your order to the Order Qty field highlighted in yellow.
  • The minimum amount for an order is $500 USD.
  • A minimum quantity of 6 per SKU must be ordered. 
  • Volume and/or account discounts cannot be combined with any JINX sale or special promotions.
  • Additional finishing such as pre-pack, retail specific labels / sticker and repackaging can be negotiated during order submission. Please contact an Operations Agent at to discuss fulfillment charges and requirements. Standard JINX apparel will include the JINX UPC code and a Size indicator on external packaging. JINX Toys and Accessories will include the JINX UPC code and safety regulations and markings for CPSIA standards.
  • Once your order status is in the “In Process” status, no additional changes can be made to the order. Cancelled orders may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.
  • Our shipping team strives to process orders in a timely manner but there may be times where your order may be delayed due to stock levels and product availability. Please allow 2-3 days processing time for orders with available stock and 3-4 weeks on T-Shirt print runs. Orders with items to be manufactured, may take up to 90 days to produce and delivered to your facility.
  • After placing your order, an Operations Agent may contact you in regards to Stock Quantity, Back orders, Special Promotions, Payment pre-authorization and Account Settings / Payment information.
  • International Wholesale
    • Some licensed products are not available outside the United States and/or North America. Should you have any questions in regards to what products are available for your country, please contact
    • International buyers are responsible for all duties, taxes and country specific charges. Please contact your local customs department prior to placing an order with JINX. The JINX team is not responsible for lost or missing shipments due to customs policies and procedures.


  • Payment must be made prior to your order being picked and packed from the JINX warehouse, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Credit cards will be pre-authorized for the order amount including shipping prior to picking.
  • Wholesale orders under net terms will need to be cleared by the JINX accounting team prior to being picked and packed.
  • An Operations Agent will contact the bill-to contact directly for obtaining payments via PayPal and Wire Transfers.
  • International Wholesale
    • All international orders must be paid in United States Dollars.
    • At this time, all international orders must be paid up-front via Credit Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer.


  • The JINX 30 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Wholesale Orders

    This is a 100% guarantee that applies to any orders that JINX pack with mistakes or defective product. Through this process, you will receive free return shipping and free shipping on the replacement goods.

  • How it works
    • Satisfaction Guarantee is valid for 30 days after your order has been shipped.
    • Contact with details of the discrepancies and/or defects. An Operations Agent will provide you a Return Merchandise Authorization form.
    • The JINX team will send the correct and/or replacement items along with return postage. Please note, items must be returned within 14 days of receipt of replacement goods.
    • In some cases, the Operations Agent may ask you to discard the defective goods and a replacement will be sent or a credit may be applied to your wholesale account.
  • The Jinx Exchange Guarantee

    This 100% guarantee is for customer re-ordering. The guarantee is valid provided the merchandise you are exchanging is unopened and unmodified.

  • How it works
    • You decide you would like to swap out a particular product.
    • Contact JINX at within 60 days of your order being shipped with an itemized list of product you would like to exchange. Please include this list with your return.
    • Package the product and send it back to JINX referencing the original order number
    • JINX will then credit your account for the merchandise you’ve sent back and will notify you the credit amount applied to your wholesale account.
    • You can now use the credit towards your next order
  • Return terms and conditions
    • The wholesaler is responsible for shipping.
    • Merchandise being returned must be unopened and unmodified.
    • A restocking fee of 15% may be applied for excess returns beyond a 60-day time period.